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What is ceo?

Part of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the Center for Educational Outreach (CEO) supports and advances the University of Michigan’s commitment to educational outreach and academic excellence by:

Keiran Miller talks to students
Maurice Collins from Infoready speaking
Rhonda Todd at Wolverine Express

CEO actualizes their mission in four key areas:

CEO leads the development of communities of practice to:

  • Gain insight into optimal strategies for youth outreach and engagement across campus
  • Share best and promising practices to increase student educational access and success
  • Highlight the work of U-M colleagues and support collaboration and innovation

More than a decade later, University Outreach Council remains a strong community of practice, hosting an average of
six events with forty staff members from over twenty-five campus units at each event. The full community of practice has over 240 members in 145 units/departments. 


The Faculty Forum on Outreach and Engagement creates a space for U-M faculty passionate about educational outreach and community partnerships to network, build community, and share key information. To date, CEO has hosted over ten events, gathering an average of thirty-five U-M staff members at each gathering, with the highest attended event having over 100 faculty members. The community of practice has over 560 faculty and staff members in it as well. 


Also, the Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference (PCC) is in it’s twelfth year. PCC is the premier network of pre-college outreach professionals in the state of Michigan – and the only one of its kind nationwide. The community has over 3607 members from around the state of Michigan, Ohio and Illinois and is typically planned with over 18 Michigan colleges and universities. 

CEO partnered with a local software company called InfoReady to launch Youth Hub in 2018, a searchable marketplace of educational opportunities available to campus youth and their families. To date, Youth Hub displays over 150 different K-12 programs and resources from forty diverse campus units. It also has over 2,575 established user accounts and over 1,835 applications have been submitted using the Youth Hub platform. 

CEO partnered with Risk Management to support the Children on Campus (CoC) policy (SPG 601.34), and is now able to provide robust reports through Salesforce to units on their registered programs for minors. They also worked with CoC to explore supplementary technology resources to streamline and standardize health information for minors university-wide, with a pilot program with CampDocs in the fall of 2019. 

Also, CEO joined the Connecting Michigan initiative in the Fall of 2018 to develop a statewide database of U-M community partners and showcase the University’s K-12 impact. And then, in the Summer of 2019, we launched a College Access LibGuide in partnership with the U-M Library and created a physical college access library space, with an online catalog located at ceo-library/librarika.com. This work began the creation of Outreach Toolkits, designed for outreach professionals, high school counselors, and students to equip them with the knowledge and skills to enhance their college-going communities in meaningful ways.


CEO is available to consult with all U-M schools and colleges. For the past three years, CEO has hosted around 75 consultations with 17 Schools and Colleges and over 33 central units, supporting initiatives to bolster existing efforts and create new opportunities. CEO works with DEI Leads to identify educational outreach resources available to units to support their strategic plans. CEO also supported 20 student organizations in their outreach efforts through Project Inspire


To support and promote meaningful faculty outreach work, CEO launched the Faculty Structured Outreach Support Fellowship (Faculty SOS) in 2018. Since the launch, the Center has awarded 13 grants and provided intentional consulting to 23 faculty from over 14 School/colleges throughout the U-M Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses. 

In addition to its many intra-university initiatives, CEO extends the statewide reach of U-M through:

  • Michigan College Advising Corps (MCAC): this initiative places recent U-M graduates into fourteen underserved high schools across the state to work full time as college advisers with the goal of increasing the number of low-income, first-generation, and otherwise underserved students entering and completing higher education. In the last year, MCAC had 14 partner high schools, served over 2247 seniors, with 1615 seniors submitting 1+ college applications and over 1155 FAFSAs submitted. 
  • Wolverine Express: an interactive program in which faculty, staff and students visit high schools to share their college-going story. Since 2015, the Wolverine Express has brought 319 faculty and staff to 24 High Schools, 419 Classrooms, and 11,786 students.
  • Campus Visits: a U-M campus visitation program designed for students from under-served  schools, which typically hosts over 60 visits and 2500 middle and high school students each year.
  • College Daya state-supported program that provides two major pre-college programs for both middle school and high school students from 15 under-served schools in Detroit and surrounding communities, impacting over 1000 students. 
  • Watson A. Young Scholarship: this unique scholarship financially supports Michigan middle and high school students whose families make less than $65K to participate in summer programs at U-M Ann Arbor

CEO's Response to Covid

Virtual Events

University Outreach Council (UOC), Summer Programs Series (SPS), Faculty Forum (FF)

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